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"Directed by Linh Tran from a script co-written with Monzerrat Lozano, this graceful, subtle short drama tells the story of a troubled marriage and family from the perspective of the child, who can sense and see more than the adults around him think. Perceptive, elegantly pared-down craftsmanship and artistry capture the silent yet insidious ripple effects of infidelity on a whole family, showing how secrets and lies can seep into the farthest corners of a home." – Omeleto

DINNER (2020)

Director: Linh Tran

Producer: Nguyen Anh Thu

Cinematographer: Brandon Hoeg

​Production Designer: Nguyen Nguyen Vu

Location Sound Mixer: Nguyen Ngoc Tan

Editor: Zoé Kraft

​Post-production Sound Designer: John Wong



Dublin International Film Festival 2021

Bushwick Film Festival 2020

Indy Shorts International Film Festival 2021

Cordillera International Film Festival 2021

Berlin Lift-off Film Festival 2021

ONE Country ONE Film Apchat - Issoire International Film Festival 2021

DePaul Premiere Film Festival 2021

Pittsburgh Shorts Film Festival 2021



Best Student Film, Cordillera International Film Festival 2021


Jury Awards: Best of the Fest, DePaul Premiere Film Festival 2021

Runner-up to Audience Choice Award for Best Student Film, Pittsburgh Shorts Film Festival

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