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2022, USA         89 minutes

Over the course of a week-long beachside getaway, Amy, having recently undergone dramatic weight loss, finds herself wrestling between loyalty to her best friend Kim and her attraction to Kim's new boyfriend.

“'Waiting for the Light to Change' is an exceptional act of patience, restraint, courage and authenticity. Filmmaker Linh Tran paints a remarkably honest portrait of vulnerability that breaks open the heart of its audience, demanding sincerity and drawing deep reflection of the fractured nature of ourselves and the complex, human spaces between each of us.”Slamdance Narrative Feature Jury

"an impressive feat, especially for a first feature, and so unassuming in its execution it can easily fly under one’s radar." The Film Stage

"a launchpad of a major career" Roger Ebert

“a  character-focused script that says exactly what it needs to without saying too

much or too little”Chicago Reader

“the characters are so relatable that even if your twenties were ages ago, watching them will immediately herald back the anxiety and angst you felt then” ​– Films Gone Wild


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