Born and raised in Vietnam, Linh Tran moved to the United States to pursue her higher education in 2013. Starting out in theater acting, she went on to make films, both documentary and fiction. Linh holds an MFA degree in film&TV from DePaul University. Her works are deeply personal, exploring memories of childhood and early adulthood. 

Linh's films have been selected by Dublin International Film Festival, One Country One Film - Apchat-Issoire International Film Festival, Bushwick Film Festival, Indy Shorts International Film Festival,  Cordillera International Film Festival, Pittsburgh Shorts Film Festival, Berlin Lift-off Film Festival.

Linh is one third of PRIMA MATERIA PICTURES.

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Phone: +1 (312) 203-0288 (US)

             +84 32 648 5172 (VN)

"Interview: Linh Tran"

Featured in Go Into The Story - The official screenwriting blog by The Black List
​Dec 10, 2021

"As an educator, nothing brings me greater joy than to see one of my students make positive steps in their creative aspirations. Such is the case with Linh Tran, a 2020 DePaul University graduate from the MFA in Directing program. I had the pleasure of working with Linh in a very cool class Writing on Assignment in which each student was given three film elements — Genre, Actor, Budget — then tasked to write an entire feature length screenplay in ten weeks. I also advised Linh on her thesis script and movie: Dinner.

The movie had its debut in spring 2021 at the DePaul University annual student event: The Premiere Film Festival. It won a Jury Award determined by a group of guest film festival programmers. The film subsequently had a strong festival run."

"Meet Linh Tran | Filmmaker"

Featured in Shoutout LA
​Dec 13, 2021

"A thing that I’ve discovered recently is that it is much better, and sometimes easier, to let the truth and real life carry me away, rather than trying to construct a thing from outside. So I focus on the rawness of the people I work with, especially my actors. I do a lot of interviews with them and a lot of improv when I make films. But this also requires a scary amount of vulnerability, and sometimes, it’s hard to confront your own demons. I’m speaking for both me and my collaborators here. It wasn’t always like this, I think I had to overcome a lot of my fears and uncertainties about making art and I have to resist the temptation to compare myself to other people to be able to stay true and absolutely honest."

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